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Product Details:

  • Exfoliating dual foot scrub brush shower/tub mat 
  • Designed to eliminate bending over to clean your feet in the shower 
  • Reinforced suction cups prevents slipping in the shower 
  • Mold resistant and easily hangs with keyhole 
  • Safe for diabetics, senior citizens and those with limited mobility 
  • Bring the pleasures of a spa foot treatment to your home bathroom


Cleanse, exfoliate and massage your feet while in the tub or shower. Dual antimicrobial bristles contour to your feet as you scrub, while stimulating circulation and massaging tired, aching feet. Simply secure the reinforced suction cups to the floor of a shower or enjoy as you relax in the tub. The Pumice stone offers a natural way to remove and soften dry, hard skin, making feet smooth and supple! The brush also features a keyhole for hanging and storage in-between uses, making it resistant to mold and mildew. This foot brush is perfect for anyone suffering from limited mobility, arthritis, joint and back pain, as well as pregnant women, athletes and safe for diabetics.