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How do I plant flower bulbs?

Step 1  

Pick a location with well-drained soil and ample sunlight. Make sure the amount of sunlight matches what is on your flower bulb label (full sun, partial sun, partial shade, etc). If you are planting different types of flower bulbs together lay them out in advance so you know where everything goes. Weed area before planting.


Step 2

Planting Your Bulbs Loosen the soil around where you are going to be planting your bulbs. The general rule of thumb is to plant your bulbs at a depth of three times the width of the bulb. The specific depth and spacing between bulbs is listed on the label of the bag containing your bulbs. Set the bulb in the hole pointy side up, roots down. If you can not figure out the top from the bottom, plant the bulb on its side. Note: Even if you don’t get it right, the flower bulb will still find its way through the soil in the spring/summer.


Step 3

Cover, Fertilize & Water After planting, apply fertilizer with a low nitrogen level, such as a 9-6-6 formulation. This is not required but will help your flowers bloom. Backfill with soil over the hole, lightly pressing down on the soil (do not pack it). Water well and apply mulch if needed to keep the weeds down and hold in moisture. You do not need to continue to water regularly unless you live in an area that receives minimal precipitation in the winter.


Step 4

Care After Blooming Now that your flowers have bloomed feel free to cut the head off the flower to enjoy beautiful cut flowers. Do not cut the foliage though as that is designed to collect nutrients for next season (if they are a perennial). When the foliage turns yellow or brown you can cut them to the ground level. 



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