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This grow bag is great for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and more. Suitable for any size garden, green house, balcony, patio or any sunny spot. The heavy-duty handles, and double cross base straps allow you to move and relocate your grow bag as needed while the planter saucer captures excess water whether your plant is indoors or outdoors. The eco- friendly porous fabric provides numerous advantages over plastic containers, creating an “air pruning” effect, which will make the plant’s root system stronger. The bags can be washed and reused as desired or folded flat to store when not in use.


  • 8 Pocket planter:  2ftH x 4ftW - 60 Gallons
  • High-quality Grow Bag made of durable non-woven fabric, with sturdy handles and a double-cross base strap
  • Eco-cross technology allows for secure lifting, easier moving, and stronger stability.
  • Eco-felt fabric lets roots breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth, and improves the overall root structure
  • Reusable and washable grow bag can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Included plant saucer captures excess water and allows for safe drainage through soil to eliminate overwatering.

60 Gallon Extra Large Eco-Friendly Garden Bed Grow Bag Planter

$54.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price