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Create a thriving haven for wildlife in your backyard with our Pollinating Palace Collection. Designed to provide shelter and support for essential pollinators and delightful songbirds, each house offers unique benefits that contribute to the ecological balance of your outdoor space.


Butterfly House: Foster a Flourishing Butterfly Habitat
Transform your garden into a butterfly sanctuary with our Butterfly House. This charming habitat offers a cozy retreat and protection for butterflies, providing them with a place to rest and seek shelter from inclement weather. The multiple openings and thoughtfully designed slots create an inviting environment, attracting a colorful array of butterflies to your yard. Watch in awe as these delicate creatures dance among your flowers, adding beauty and enchantment to your outdoor oasis.


With our Pollinating Palace Collection, you can support pollinators, welcome butterflies, and enjoy the company of songbirds. Choose one or all three houses and create a harmonious habitat that celebrates nature's beauty.

Pollinating Palace - Butterfly House

$34.99 Regular Price
$24.99Sale Price