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ow beautiful blooms of sun or shade tolerant annual flowers. These border garden seed mats will beautify the area surrounding your trees, walkways or any other outdoor area. Made here in the United States out of recycled paper that is pre-seeded with fresh sun or shade loving flower seeds that will improve the appearance and help maintain moisture for your trees, shrubs and bushes. Includes such beauties as Candytuft, Baby's Breath, Coreopsis, Columbine, Purple Coneflower and more. Roll and grow gardens are an easy garden to grow for any level plant lover. Just roll, water and grow to enjoy. As the flowers begin to grow, the mat will dissolve and fertilize into the yard. The mat will grow best in moist soil that has been raked or sowed. Upgrade to a three pack of pre-seeded roll out flower mats and get a BloomBuddy planter shovel. Making it even easier to get the perfect garden in half the time. Each flower mat contains a mix of annual flower seeds and includes a individual quart of of potting soil.

Blooms in summer. Care/planting instructions Recommended region of the US for planting: 4–10 Grows up to 4”–11” Mat dimensions: 17” x 5’ Shady Annual Mat Includes - Forget Me Not's (17.53%) - Baby Blue Eyes (11.69%) - Candytuft (11.69%) - Lance-Leaved Coreopsis (8.76%) - Purple Coneflower (8.76%) - Babys Breath (8.76%) - Rocket Larkspur (5.84%) - Corn Poppy (5.84%) - Chinese Houses (4.37%) - Shasta Daisy (4.37%) - Sweet William Pinks (4.37%) - Spurred Snapdragon (2.91%) - Viola Johnny Jump Up (1.45%) - Clarkia (.96%) - Bella Tussock (.36%) - Monkeyflower (.18%) Sunny Annual Mat Includes Forget-me-not Baby blue eyes Candytuft Lance-leaved coreopsis Purple coneflower Baby’s breath Rocket larkspur Corn poppy Chinese houses Shasta daisy Sweet William pinks Spurred snapdragon Viola Johnny jump up Clarkia Bella tussock Monkeyflower

Shady Annual Flower Seed Mat w/Soil Block