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Product Details:

  • Solar powered window drape lights that mount to the INSIDE of the window
  • 42 Total ultra bright LED's with 6 strands of light
  • Turn on automatically at night
  • Three lighting modes: Flashing, Steady & Off


These solar powered window drape lights mount to the INSIDE of your window and provide over 8 hours of incredible holiday lighting every night. Letting you light up the outside of your house without having to step out into the cold or get up on a ladder. Plus since these lights are powered by your Touch Of ECO solar panel you don't need to worry about timers, batteries or a high electric bill. Just leave them on and your lights will automatically illuminate at night and turn off during the day to charge. The DRAPELITES feature 6 strands of lights with 42 ECO-SMT LED's in total. Each strand hangs almost two feet in length and has 7 LED's per strand. Plus they feature a built in emergency backup. So you don't need to worry about your lights not working on those overcast or cloudy days! Just clip them onto the inside of your window and choose either of the light settings (flickering or steady modes).