Product Details: 

  • High-end tool used for planting tulips, lilies, and other flower bulbs
  • Automatic soil release mechanism allows quicker planting
  • Features reinforced chrome-plated steel for digging in tougher soils
  • Depth marker of 1 to 4 inch assists in precise planting
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle


Our official bulb planter is the ideal tool for planting tulips, daffodils and other flower bulbs. This high end bulb planter features a lifetime warranty, reinforced steel, adjustable handle hinge, soil release and depth marker. For hard to penetrate soils this bulb planter features reinforced chrome plated steel that keeps the tool from bending and allows for quicker planting. The adjustable soil release feature is done by pushing the ergonomic handle together and soil falls into the hole where the bulb is planted. This planter makes bulb planter more precise with a depth marker from 1 to 4 inches! Product Details Automatic soil release mechanism for quicker planting Reinforced steel to keep from bending and for easier digging in heavier soils Depth marker for precise planting Great for planting tulip bulbs, daffodil bulbs, lily bulbs and dahlia bulbs

Bulb Buddy Spring-Loaded Flower Bulb Planter