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Bring your garden, walkway, or outdoor living area to life with our roll out flower seed mats. Specially designed and made to attract your choice of friendly flying wildlife. Attract hummingbirds, butterflies, songbirds, bees, or mix and match for endless possibilities. These pre-seeded flower mats produced right here in the United States are made of 100% recycled paper and include over 1000g of specially chosen wildflowers. All you have to do is lay out your mat, cover with the included potting soil, and water! It is that easy to have the garden and flowers of your dreams.

Upgrade to a three pack of pre-seeded roll out flower mats and get a Bloom Buddy planters shovel, making it even easier to get the perfect garden in half the time. Each flower mat includes a individual quart of of potting soil.

Songbird Flower Mat Contents

    Annual Babys Breath (20%)
    Annual Candytuft (15%)
    Scarlet Flax (15%)
    Calendula (10%)
    Cornflower (10%)
    Sulphur Cosmos (10%)
    Red Corn Poppy (10%)
    Zinnia (5%)
    Catchfly (2.5%)
    Cloriosa Daisy (1.25%)
    Plains Coreopsis (1.25%)

Songbird Flower Seed Mat w/Soil Block