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Product Details:

  • 30" Extra Long Foot Brush with Over 700 Bristles & Pumice Stone
  • Designed to eliminate bending over to clean your feet in the shower
  • Non slip curved grip with ergonomic handle prevents slipping in the shower
  • Mold resistant and easily hangs with built in hook and separates with just a push of the button
  • Safe for Diabetics, Senior Citizens and Those With Limited Mobility


The Miracle Pedi Brush is a patent pending extra long foot scrubbing brush with pumice stone. No more leaning over and straining your back. Easily extend your reach and reinvigorate your skin through deep cleaning and exfoliation. The Miracle Pedi Brush is designed to bring the pleasures of a spa foot treatment to your home bathroom. From the non-slip curved grip to the ergonomic arc handle this expert design performs comfortably.