Product Details:

  • Require well-drained soil
  • Thrive in sun to partial shade
  • Plant bulbs 4" deep
  • Leave 12"-18" inches of space between the bulbs
  • Water regularly
  • Do not over water


Renowned for their beauty these lilies are incredibly beautiful, very easy to grow, not too tall, about 3 feet in height and have strong stems. Their pink flowers are dotted with prominent darker spots and the blooms have white edging. They are one of the most fragrant flowers that you can find. These are perfect for small gardens, patio planters or deck that you want to add a touch of both beauty and life. Upgrade your pack of bulbs and receive a free BulbBuddy planter. That allows you to quickly and effortlessly plant your bulbs without digging. This spring loaded planter lets you plant bulbs at any depth in just seconds.