Product Details:

  • Never rely on a outlet again! 
  • Powers any phone, tablet, USB powered electronic 
  • Just place on any window that gets sunlight and you can charge your devices! 
  • Powers most smart phones up in less than 3 hours! 
  • Choose between two colors 


The Solar Window Charger is a convenient hassle free way to charge any smart phone or tablet. Just press the solar charger to any windows or glass surface and charge your devices using the power of the sun. Perfect for charging your phone at work or your tablet/kindle in the car! Stop having to scramble for an outlet or paying high electric bills. Just stick the easy on/off suction cup against the inside of any window and start capturing energy today! You can power your smart phone in less than 2-3 hours. Choose from three different color options or choose multiple colors upon check out. This lightweight solar window charger is perfect for on the go trips and the smooth 6" interior design is a accent to any room. Harness the power of the sun today with Touch Of ECOs Solar Window Charger.