A beautiful, sun loving collection of flowers to bloom through the Spring. 5 Daffodil Fortissimo, 5 Sunny Prince Tulip , 10 Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis, and 25 Allium Roseum/Ostrowskianum Mix. Daffodil Fortissimo pulls out all the stops when it comes to daffodil size and color. Pure, rich gold petals and a large cup of glowing orange, sits 14-16'' tall. Also a tall flower, Sunny Prince Tulips show off an egg shaped bloom with a bright yellow hue. These blooms will be bright and beautiful in your sunny garden. The unusual Fritillaria Uva-Vulpis stems bears one, sometimes two drooping, bellshaped flowers. The six petals are rounded and are dark purple tinged with gray/pewter on the outside, with an intensely yellow border at the mouth, and gold on the inside. Allium roseum and Ostrowskianum grows naturally to about 18 inches high in well-drained soils, with light pink to rose pink blooms from late spring to early summer. This collection will brightly bloom Spring into Summer.