Please everyone with this perfect assortment of summer blooming buds. This sun loving variety of flowers add elegance and sophistication to any vase, planter or outdoor living area. Enjoy 10 Lilium Golden Yellow, 20 Freesia Mixed, 30 Acidanthera and 40 Oxalis. Trumpet shaped with bright golden yellow coloring the long lasting Lilium is full of fragrance. Reaching heights of 2 to 6 ft lilies are a fan favorite and make a great addition to fresh cut arrangements. Offering a wind range of colors and an alluring floral fragrance Freesia are hard to resist. Upward pointing blossoms, with up to eight trumpet-shaped petals on leafless stems  and long lasting in the garden or a vase. Often called the "Peacock Orchid" Acidantera features showy summer blooms with nodding white flowers and a wine kissed center. Related to gladiolus , they are easy to care for and make a gorgeous addition to the garden. The shamrock-looking Oxalis are a popular addition both indoors and out.  The clover shaped leaves and delicate flowers that bloom and fall into winter are considered an attractive and lucky plant. This collection will brightly bloom Spring into Summer. Product Details Sun to partial shade Blooms spring to summer Perfect for zones 3-9 Require well drained soil area Imported From Holland Arrives In Bulb Form