Product Details:

  • Instantly create a beautiful white garden with long stemmed cerastium flowers
  • Heart shaped white pedals that resemble snow drifts
  • Just lay your mat flat, cover with the provided potting soil, water and watch your flowers grow
  • Ideal for your garden, walkway, or any landscaping area
  • Deer and rabbit resistant so you dont need to worry about these flowers being eaten
  • Perennial flowers that bloom in late summer and grow up to 6 inches
  • Made in the United States of 100% recycled paper


Your winter wonderland doesn't have to end when the snow melts. Enjoy these beautiful white long stemmed flowers all summer long. Cerastium tomentosum produce heart shaped white blooms that look like snowdrifts. Spreading quickly across your lawn or cascading over walls. These drought resistant plants are perfect for the edge of your garden, walkway, or any landscaping area. Plus they are deer and rabbit resistant so you don't need to worry about them being eaten! Upgrade to a four pack of pre-seeded roll out flower mats and get a BloomBuddy planters shovel at no additional cost. Making it even easier to get the perfect garden in half the time. Each flower mat includes a individual quart of of potting soil. Pre-seeded Mat Pre-seeded sunflower seed mat Made in the USA Mat dimensions: 17” x 5’ Made of recycled ingredients Biodegradable Can be cut to fit any area No chemicals, dyes, or additives Planting Instructions Select a site which receives at least 4-6 hours of sunlight each day and is somewhat protected from the wind. Prepare the soil to a depth of 3”-4” and the same size as the mat. Carefully lay out the mat with “this side up”. Cover the mat with no more that 1/8” soil. This will hold the mat down and allow the seeds to easily germinate. Soak the mat entirely (preferably using a hose with a fine spray) until the mat is saturated and appears to melt into the soil. Continue to keep the mat moist until the plants are established (2”-3” high). Check daily to ensure the top 1” of soil is moist. After the seeds have sprouted, water as necessary. As the flowers begin to grow, the mat will dissolve and fertilize into the yard.