• Product Details:
  • These multi-use solar LED lamps can be attached to gutters, fences or any flat surface. 
  • Automatically turn on at night and off in the morning to charge
  • Can be mounted or re-positioned multiple times
  • 6 ultra bright LEDs bulbs per lamp
  • Working time: up to 8+ hours on a full charge
  • Weather-resistant design for year round outdoor use


Solar gutter/fence lights are a revolutionary multi-use solar set that easily attache to gutters, signs, fences, doorways, and any flat surface. They go on automatically every night and off each morning to charge! The solar gutter lights features 6 ultra bright LED's per light and are extremely light & compact; allowing them to easily be mounted or re-positioned to your every need. Plus they are the only light on the market that feature a solar panel that uses the entire surface area and provides almost 75% more surface space to absorb direct sunlight and maximize your battery life.


Each set includes two gutter lights, two adjustable mounting brackets, and a pre-installed rechargeable battery. The solar gutter lights is also weather resistant and designed for year round use in any weather condition including rain, snow and extreme heat. Install them in just seconds without the need for power tools! Just clip them onto your gutter or screw them onto any flat surface, its that easy!

Nitebrite Solar LED Gutter/Fence Light