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Includes 10 double sided strips (20 pieces) and 2 oil wipes


Miracle Wax Strips is a quick and easy hair removal kit that allows you to remove unwanted hair in seconds. The wax strips are warmed up by hand and are ready to use once it reaches body temperature, no microwave or wax warmers needed.


Firmly adhere to the hair and effectively remove hair from the root getting smooth and long lasting results. The innovative contour weave fabric technology is soft and flexible allowing it to conform to the body.


The wax contains all natural beeswax and is suitable for sensitive skin.  Each strip can be used multiple times and cut to size. After hair removal, if there is any remaining wax on the skin simply remove with the included oil wipes. Miracle Wax Strips will work to remove unwanted hair from legs, arms, face or any other part of the body with ease.