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Product Details:

  • HEALS ROUGH, CRACKED, HARDENED, PAINFUL HEELS FAST - End snagged stockings, restore walking comfort and beautify.

  • RICH IN SOOTHING SHEA AND COCOA BUTTERS and powerful Tea Tree Oil with a light peppermint scent.

  • BLENDED WITH PURE, WHOLESOME ULTRAALOE ALOE VERA GEL cold-pressed from mature aloe vera leaves harvested at peak potency

  • COMPACT SIZE AND CONVENIENT no-mess stick applicator that goes on smooth!

  • MAKES HEELS SOFT AND SUPPLE ONCE MORE - both men and women say it’s the best heel stick they’ve ever used!


BEAUTIFY AND FIX ROUGH, HARD, CRACKED, PAINFUL HEELS FAST WITH MIRACLE HEEL STICK! Soothing Shea and rich Cocoa butter, Tea Tree oil, and healing cold-pressed UltraAloe aloe vera gel work fast to penetrate rough, dried-out skin to soothe cracked, hard heels and restore soft, supple, attractive skin and end ugly feet. Just rub into heels to soften skin, eliminate cracks, heal fissures and moisturize, dry, hard heels. Convenient, no-mess stick applicator makes using it a snap. After a few days, you'll be amazed how good your heels will look and how much better they'll feel.