Product Details:

  • Includes 11" x 4.5" reusable eco-fabric planter bag  packet of seeds, quart of potting soil, 1 oz packet organic plant food, planting guide and care instructions
  • Perfect for porches, balconies or window sill growing
  • USA grown mixed flower seeds
  • Grow indoors or outdoors all year long!
  • Ideal for small, apartments, balconies, patios,  terraces, schoolyards, community and rooftop gardens
  • All flowers require full to partial sun


Enjoy big beautiful annual flowers that require little maintenance and are perfect for small spaces. These planter grow bags allow you to grow vibrantly colored blossoms at home for half the cost and with no garden or experience needed. Perfect for urban dwellers, with limited space, who want to grow on their porch, patio, deck or inside their home! Just fill the 11" x 4.5" reusable, breathable eco-fabric planter box with the included potting soil, plant food, mixed flower seeds, and water. We include everything you need to get started! All of our garden planters are made from premium eco-friendly recycled materials to reduce your footprint on the environment. The lightweight, free standing, collapsible design can be re-used year after year and allows plants to flourish indoors and out.  Start growing your garden now and watch as these beauties bloom & grow in just weeks. Choose between Butterfly, Shady, Hummingbird and Petunia flower blends. All seeds are USA grown and specifically designed to attract birds and pollinators as well as thrive in partially shaded areas. Each planter includes a quart of coco-potting soil, 1 oz organic plant food, flower seeds and planting instructions.