Product Details: 

  • Beautiful large flowers that will attract hummingbirds, bees & butterflies
  • Mix of beautiful pink, red, white, yellow and orange blossoms
  • Perennial flowers for planting zones 3 - 9, Requires full sun to partial shade
  • Includes 4 Mirabilis Jalapa Bulbs, 4 Incarvillea Hardy Gloxinia Bulbs and 4 Jumbo Lilium Bulbs
  • Perfect flower collection to add to any garden, Stunning colorful blooms


Add a pop of colorful petals to your garden that pollinators will love. This flower bulb collection contains an assortment of giant vibrant blooms in shades of pink, red, yellow and white designed to attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Enjoy 4 Mirabilis 4'O Clocks, 4 Incarvillea Grand Gloxinia and 4 Jumbo Lilium.

Mirabilis petals open in the late afternoon and evening, hence the common name four o’clocks. The extremely fragrant, tubular shaped bi-colored petals reach heights of 24-36” tall and are known to be a favorite flower for hummingbirds.

With its deeply divided, fern like leaves the Gloxinia are a hardy addition to the garden. The clusters of trumpet-shaped blooms in hues of pinks and reds with golden yellow centers can reach 18-24” tall and thrive in afternoon shade.

Showy and fragrant the blossoms of the Jumbo Lily are adored and make an excellent addition to a fresh cut arrangement. These popular prolific bloomers in an array of colors can last from summer through fall and reach heights of 5-8’ tall. This buzz-worthy collection will brightly bloom Spring into Summer.