Product Details:

  • Two mounting brackets (stake and clip)
  • Two lighting modes (Steady, Flashing, & Off)
  • Run Time: 6-8 Hours Of Light
  • Length Of Set: 20' 
  • Lead Length: 8.5' 
  • Includes hanging loop for quick installation
  • Features 10 ECO-SMT LEDs


The patio bulb LED string lights are a set of 10 solar powered vintage incandescent bulbs designed by Touch Of ECO. These lights mirror Thomas Edisons original light bulb designed in 1879. They are 20' long (from solar panel to loop), featuring a 8.5' lead length (distance from solar panel to the first LED) and a 2.5' tail loop (for tying and hanging). Including a replica bulb design of the original silver and glass light bulb.


The built in solar panel powers your lights without the need for electric outlets, extension cords or worrying about dead batteries. These are perfect year round decoration for any patio, deck, pergola, or outdoor living area. This package includes an interchangeable clip and stake; which enables the high efficiency solar panel to be mounted in a wide variety of locations. The solar panel features a built in day/night sensor which automatically turns on each night for us to 8 hours and then off each morning to charge. Plus with two lighting modes you can choose between steady and flashing light modes (also includes off switch).