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Product Details:

  • Automatically turns on every night
  • Automatically turns off during the day to charge
  • Flickering or steady mode
  • Can be easily locked against the inside of the window thanks to the suction cup
  • Can be also stood upright on any flat surface
  • Easy-to-Use and Eco-Friendly
  • Cordless, No batteries needed
  • Saves energy


The CAROLITE PRO is a solar powered flameless window candle that automatically turns on every night and charges each morning. The CAROLITE gives you classic holiday ambiance without any electric bill or the hassle of plugging in your lights every night! Simply lock the CAROLITE PRO suction cup against the inside of your window and turn them on (either flickoring or steady mode). Allow the high performance solar panel to absorb direct sunlight through the day. At night the LED tip will automatically illuminate and flicker like a real flame. The CAROLITE PRO produces 6-8 hours of beautiful holiday lighting each night. You can also stand the candle upright on any flat surface for mobile holiday lighting!


Worried about not getting enough sunlight? The CAROLITE PRO now featured a easily accessible battery compartment. Allowing you to alternate back and forth between solar and battery power for those cloudy days. The built in timer will still turn the light on and off automatically and you dont need to worry about the weather!



$32.99 Regular Price
$22.99Sale Price