Product Details:

  • Attract beautiful butterflies, hummingbirds and song birds
  • Perfect for your deck, patio, or outdoor living area
  • No need to mulch, weed or use pesticides with vertical growing bags
  • Redesigned eco-friendly hanging bag with re-enforced straps and three pouch design
  • Seeds are hand selected for their vibrant and colorful flowers
  • Made right here in the United States


Bring your garden, patio, deck or outdoor living area to life with either a hanging butterfly flower bag or a hanging hummingbird flower bag. Just fill your vertical flower bag with the provided quart of potting soil, sprinkle in the seeds and watch the flowers grow. Then once the flowers start blooming enjoy the hundreds of butterfly's and/or hummingbirds that your flowers will attract. These seeds are hand selected for their vibrant flowers which are used to attract all types of butterflies and hummingbirds. Perfect for decks, balconies, patios or outdoor living areas. Each kit includes a 24"x9" reinforced eco-fabric hanging bag with a quart of expanding potting soil, flower seeds, and instructions. Everything you need to get started! Plus you can convert two bags into a saddle bag for growing on a balcony or railing. All our vertical garden bags are made from premium eco-friendly recycled materials to reduce your footprint on the environment. They can be re-used year after year and have been completely redesigned for 2019! Product Details Includes 9" x 24" reusable eco-fabric bag with nylon rope, packet of seeds, quart of potting soil, planting guide and care instructions. Perfect for hanging over porch railings or vertical growing Grow indoors or outdoors all year long! Ideal for yards large and small, apartments, balconies, patios, gates, terraces, schoolyards, community and rooftop gardens.