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  • 30 Anemone Blanda
  • 20 Gladiolus Mixed
  • 20 Allium Moly
  • 30 Ixia Mixed


This buzz-worthy flower bulb collection contains an assortment of vibrant blooms designed to attract bees & butterflies. The pinks, purples, whites, and yellows will make any garden pop with bright color. Enjoy 30 Anemone Blanda, 20 Gladiolus Mixed, 20 Allium Moly and 30 Ixia Mixed. 
The daisy-like florets on Anemone Blanda feature thin, silky petals that quickly disperse in the breeze after flowering. A color range of pretty petals in white, sky blue, pink & purple are one of the earliest to bloom after the winter season. Also know as the "sword lily" Gladiolus buds stand atop spiked stems that can grow as tall as 5 ft. These extremely popular prolific bloomers can last from summer through fall. Known as "golden garlic" the Allium Moly  offer radiant, long-lasting flowers on tall stalks. The clusters of bright yellow star-shaped blossoms are eye-catching and appealing in fresh cut arrangements. Sun loving and varying  in colors the Ixia wand flowers are a fan favorite. The sword-shaped foliage with masses of dainty star-shaped petals make a great addition to fresh cut arrangements. This collection will brightly bloom Spring into Summer.


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